About Us

The Bridge House is a halfway house program where newly sober men practice sobriety and work toward a successful return to society. To enter the program, each applicant is required to have a minimum of 30 days sobriety. Typically men come from a 30-day counseling support service (a CSS) or a transitional support service (TSS). Prior to the CSS/TSS they would have gone through a detox. The Bridge House is neither a detox nor a CSS facility.

The Bridge House offers eight one-hour groups weekly, organized to allow working men the ability to attend as many groups as possible. Additionally, each resident is provided weekly one-on-one counseling that helps them build and fulfill their own individualized treatment plan. The individuality and unique needs of each resident are respected under LADC1 supervision (the highest level of addiction counseling supervision).

Much of the program is provided outside as men are encouraged from Day 2 to become engaged in outside recovery activities. We are not a mental health facility, but we are staffed by Christian counselors with a heart for helping men in need along their path to better living.

We have developed a resource page with more information on local resources that may be integrated in a Bridge House resident’s individual recovery program.

We do not set up appointments for men. They do their own work. While they do these activities they must also find and maintain employment. Once employed, each resident must set up a savings account and maintain a weekly savings of $160.

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